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I guess everything that's happened the past couple years has been for a greater purpose. C and G are very understanding of what I'm going through.  If these chronic illnesses had to happen to me, I'm glad I'm with them.  Having someone to believe you when you tell them about your pain and other symptoms… Continue reading Trust

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What was I saying?

I've been meaning to write this post for weeks now.  Just kept slipping my mind.  Like most things these days. One of the worst symptoms of chronic pain/illness is the brain fog.  I absolutely hate it.  I can forget something a split second after I think of it.  I forget what I'm talking about.  I… Continue reading What was I saying?

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Memories of one of the worst times EVER

Well....... M's off with her dad.  Miss her already.  It might be a few days, but then she misses me just as much. I got her school lessons ready for the rest of the year for her to take with her.  She will be taking 12th grade lessons next fall.  I think it's freaking her… Continue reading Memories of one of the worst times EVER

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St. Patrick’s Day

Friday night. Watching X-Men Apocalypse.  Enjoying the quiet.  Looking at a few LuLa Roe pages on Facebook.  Just window shopping.  Since I've had M more than usual this past month, funds are too tight to splurge on anything for M or myself.  And heaven forbid that Poopiehead would think about that I would need extra… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day

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Prep Day!

So, I have a colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow morning for the Crohn's study I'm a part of.  Today, as all of you who has had one knows, is prep day.  Joy, joy!!  This is my 4th one so I know what to expect. First, let me say, the prep is the worst part of a… Continue reading Prep Day!

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Beautiful Day

It is such a beautiful day!  82.  Mostly sunny.  Nice breeze.  I was sitting out on our back patio listening to the birds and seeing a few.  Quite a few golfers out too. The rest of the family went to the park.  Before they left, they were putting on sunscreen and Jack was going crazy.… Continue reading Beautiful Day

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Thursday again? Already?

Wow, it's Thursday again.  This week went so fast. Had a good appointment with a new doc this morning.  She put me on a new script.  Here's hoping it helps.   I'm so tired of feeling the way I do.  Not just the pain but low energy and feeling so guilty for being sick.  I… Continue reading Thursday again? Already?

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So Exciting

Today has been better than yesterday.   Yesterday had so much pain.  And in the weird places - toes and little fingers.  Along with all the normal joints too. The bright spot was chatting most of the day with Texas.  He always can make me laugh and feel better.  Takes my mind off my issues… Continue reading So Exciting