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The rain is here.  I took a whole pain med this morning instead of just half.  So far, it's helping and not making me sleepy. Got my psych doc appointment for next week.  I always thought I'd handle my issues myself but looking forward to talking to her.  I think it's going to help to… Continue reading Gross

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Monday, Monday.

Monday, Monday. Today wouldn't be so bad if the weather was better.  Getting cloudy and supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow.  Not good for RA.  My joints actually told me before the weather forecast did.  Knees and fingers are the worst.  I have my compression gloves on to type this. But chicken and noodles for… Continue reading Monday, Monday.

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Recovery day

Today has been a recovery day. I totally overdid it yesterday.  Hoping to have energy tomorrow to at least work a little more on my bedroom. Plus, I get to pick up M.  Kinda nervous about it but I think once she's with me and away from her dad, things will calm down. Totally random:… Continue reading Recovery day

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Feeling better = overdoing

And another day comes to a close. Didn't hear anything more from Poopiehead.  Thank God!  But also didn't hear anything from M.  That's not really that unusual tho.  When she's at her dad's house, I don't hear from her everyday.  Or even every other day.  Just if something is going on or whatever.  I get… Continue reading Feeling better = overdoing

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Here goes nothing

Hey there... So I had an appointment with my pcp this morning.  He said that the rheumatologist will be looking at my referral but she's kind of slow.  No joke!  He did give me a script for hydrocodone/tylenol.  I told him that like percoset (sp) knocks me out.  He said this was mild and to… Continue reading Here goes nothing